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Are you active in your life? Do you have an active life? Do you realize the benefits an active life has on one's well being and overall health? Every breath of life we breath should count for something. There is more to the term, "breath of Life" than often believed. We all breathe 4-20 times a minute, all day long. If we stop we die. What can you learn about breathing that will improve your health?

"When you are out of breath nothing else matters" — a slogan of the American Lung Association.

Are you active in your work? Do you play sports, indoors or out? Do you farm, build roads or bridges, chase after young children all day, or physically move about in your work? Or, do you sit at a desk inside a closed office all day and your physical activity is limited? Is your posture and deep breathing limited and your access to fresh air reduced?

Heart attacks, cancer, strokes, pneumonia, asthma, speech problems and almost every disease known to mankind are made worse or improved by your breathing and the quality of your respiration? Do you know the 30- year 5,200 person Framingham Study proved that how well your lungs function is a major factor of how long you live? This Study and follow-ups proved the association between impaired pulmonary function and all causes of death. “This Study focused on the long-term predictive power of vital capacity (how deep is your inhale) and forced exhale volume (FEV-1) as the primary markers for life span. This pulmonary (lung) function measurement appears to be an indicator of general health and vigor and literally is a measure of living capacity.” - Dr. William B. Kannel.

Do you know your body removes waste products by first combining those wastes with oxygen?

The average person reaches peak respiratory function and lung capacity in their mid 20's. Then they begin to lose respiratory capacity between 10% and 27% for every decade of life! So, unless you are doing something to maintain or improve your breathing capacity, it will decline, and with it, your general health and your life expectancy. More about this in the Secrets manual.

Do you know that almost every illness known to humanity has, at some point, been cured by proper breathing? When you look deeper into breathing issues, it’s no surprise that in sufficient quantities, oxygen kills ALL germs, bacteria and viruses. This is not new information. Otto Warburg received the 1931 Nobel prize for proving that cancer can not flourish in a high oxygen environment. Plus, we now know that most heart attacks are caused by lack of oxygen.

“Breathing is the first place, not the last, one should look to when fatigue, disease or other evidence of disordered energy presents itself.” Dr. Sheldon Hendler in The Oxygen Breakthrough

Do you know that pain increases as breathing quality deteriorates... and dehydration increases as well? We do not get old as much as we dry out. Our cells do not hydrate as they get weaker. Your lungs use a quart of water per day to keep their mucous membranes adequately moisturized!

Do you know that when you breathe right — you can sing? Human sound is caused as wind passes membranes, muscles, tendons and bones, while creating friction and vibration. Singing is mostly about vibration. Even deaf people can sing. They can be trained to feel the vibrations on an acoustic piano and make the sounds they feel from their fingers and hands. Everyone has the potential to sing, but most people do not breathe well and because of that they never learn to sing well, or at all.

Your skin and the way you breathe are the biggest detoxification systems in your body! How well couples breathe greatly affects the quality of the eggs and sperm they produce, thus influencing the quality and genetic make-up of their prospective child. Poor breathing moves few, if any toxins out of the body, especially the lungs, and can cause back ups in many detoxification systems in the body. Researchers at Duke University in North Carolina learned what mothers eat and drink during pregnancy has a fundamental and lifelong affect on the genes of their children and their children’s children! These researchers found they could change the coat color of baby mice by feeding their mothers different levels of nutrients during pregnancy, which altered how the pups' cells read their genes. The nutritionally-supplemented mice were less prone to obesity and diabetes than genetically identical mice whose mothers received no supplement.

It makes sense to assume that proper nutrition in humans could impact even more important changes to offspring, since human genes are much more complex than mice. Breathing would be THE major factor affected by improper water, nutrition and toxins when the DNA is genetically-challenged. Mutation changes the DNA, the sequencing of genes, but research proved that genetic and nutritional factors can alter how a gene is used, while leaving the DNA sequence unchanged. (For more about this go to www.newscientist. com or and type “mother ate” in the search engine). This supports the research of Linus Pauling, George Watson, Earl Mindell and thousands of clinical nutritionists who support nutritional supplementation to maintain proper health balance. We all can make changes to improve our health.

Studies now show: Over 90% of your energy should come from your breathing. Clinical studies prove that oxygen, wellness and sickness are totally dependent upon the way we breathe and oxygenate our system. Bad breathing can make your blood too acidic adversely effecting EVERY critical cellular action. So called altitude sickness may be partially or completely eliminated with proper breathing. Blood carbon dioxide levels are often too low causing poorly oxygenated brain and organ systems.

It has also been proven that the way you breathe is the best stress manager (better than living on a private deserted island!). Exercise-induced asthma and shortness of breath is often caused by poor breathing. A smooth running nervous system requires smooth and balanced breathing. Mind chatter often stems from improper breathing. Depression can often be relieved by proper breathing. Many breathing-related issues have emotional factors.

“Insufficient oxygen means insufficient biological energy that can result in anything from mild fatigue to life-threatening disease. The link between insufficient oxygen and disease has now been firmly estab - lished.” — Dr. W. Spencer Way in the Journal of American Association of Physicians.

According to Andrew Weil, M.D., Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine, University of Arizona in Tucson, "The simplest and most important technique for protecting your health is breathing. I have seen breath control alone achieve remarkable results: lowering blood pressure, ending heart arrhythmia, improving long-standing patterns of poor digestion, increasing blood circulation throughout the body, decreasing anxiety and allowing people to get off addictive anti-anxiety drugs and improving sleep and energy cycles."

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